These best weight loss meal ideas are here

If you are trying to lose weight slow metabolism is going to be your enemy; always. So, the best weight meal ideas must help you to speed up your metabolism… and to have a big smile all day.

It is a fact: when people have a slow metabolism is going to gain weight easily.weight loss meal ideas

And, in the other hand, metabolism is who has the task of deciding how the body will use calories so if you have slow metabolism it is really important to know how to speed up your metabolism.

For this, you can use several natural tools that are very effective to improve your metabolism; such as having adequate rest, doing exercise often and also getting a healthier diet, eating meal that has the ability to accelerate the metabolism quickly and naturally.

Weight loss meal ideas to accelerate your metabolism

When your metabolism is slower, you are consuming less energy and this is the reason why you accumulate all those extra pounds and those lovely Michelin tires around your belt.

And, to achieve change all of this we must try to accelerate our metabolism naturally through some foods that have those properties; yeah, nature is smart and has the perfect solution for this sadly common problem.

Among these food to accelerate your metabolism are:


Due to its high content of capsaicin, it is the perfect meal to speed up our metabolism, and not only; capsaicin help us to improve consumption or calorie expenditure effectively to lose weight really quickly. Also eating peppers make you feel less hungry between meals. Nice!

Coffee and green tea

According to experts, the consumption of four cups of coffee or green tea during the day can considerably speed up your metabolism. And the reason is very simple: the consumption of these drinks provide enough antioxidants daily.


Artichokes have an ingredient called lnulina, this is a carbohydrate that is responsible for controlling the amount of ghrelin produced by the body.

Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for making you feel hungry or satisfied, and, if we feel hungry the body is going to burn more calories.


Due to the content of antioxidants and other important substances for the body, ginger has the ability to speed up the metabolism and provoke satiety, so that we do not have the urge to eat constantly.

This is very important when we want to reduce weight and keep it controlled.

These weight loss meal ideas are free

Nuts and fish

Nuts and fish are important sources of omega-3 acids, those mysterious acids help you to reduce levels of a hormone called leptin.

And it is really proved that when you have low levels of this hormone, metabolism increases its speed, and, for this reason your body burns more calories naturally; incredible; really?

Pears and apples

These fruits have the ability to help you to burn fat naturally, thereby maintaining a healthy weight.

Do not hesitate to make these delicious fruits an important part of your diet and include them in your daily menu; if you really want to watch your weight and, of course, your health.

With all these weight loss meal ideas to improve your metabolism and to improve your health it is really easy to do it.


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The best natural weight loss tips at home

Today I will talk about 10 tips to lose weight very easy to follow. I am not proposing a diet, they are simple tips to lose weight, subtle changes in eating habits and lifestyle.

There are many people who have this bad habit of overeating, and therefore often forced to find ways to lose weight.

natural weight loss tips

The trouble is they do not know that stress and anxiety are the causes of its excesses.

It’s a vicious circle that is very hard to leave. If you are anxious and overeat to calm down, this will in turn produces more anxiety.

And once your anxiety is higher, you have a new problem to deal with: lose weight you’ve gained.

10 Natural Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tip 1: Take your time.

Eat slowly, to enjoy the food. To achieve it try to leave your knife and fork down between bites. The stomach needs time to feel full, so the more slowly you eat, it will feel fullness later.

2nd Weight Loss Trick: Drink water between bites.

Drink water at meals, in addition to hydrate, help you take smaller bites and you will feel satisfied faster with less food.

Slimming 3rd Trick: DON’T clean the plate.

Fight against the temptation of getting “clean your plate”, especially when you are eating in a restaurant or at friend’s home that lead us to this as a sign that we liked the food 🙂

4th Weight Loss Trick: Anything goes; less the junk food.

Do not forbid any food, even fatter. I recommend that you avoid just the junk food (chips, burgers, ice cream fats, industrial cookies, etc).

Removing this and eat everything, especially things you like. Enjoy a small piece of chocolate or a glass of wine occasionally.

The feed ban is a sure way of encouraging consumption.

5th Trick Weight Loss: Imagine your ideal weight.

Visualizing oneself in the ideal weight sometimes help us to achieve our goals. Imagine what kind of clothes you are going to wear, what you are going to do; how you are going to look alike, etc.

6th Weight Loss Trick: Don’t give up.

Never give up, although sometimes you will make mistakes, just do it again and do it well. Once and again and again and again.

Do not skip meals to try to achieve your goal faster because your metabolism is going to slow down.

Try to be friendly with yourself. If you have a bad day, do not give up. Remember all the good morning you’ve had and won’t think in that bad day.

7th Weight Loss Trick: keep a diary.

Sometimes keeping a diary of foods with their calories, it comes in handy.

Especially at the beginning because it will help you to identify which foods and beverages must be necessaries.

Also to know if you’re doing well, if you must include more vegetables and fruits, if the diet is balanced, etc.

Once you’ve learned, do not obsess over daily, you can leave.

The last 2 natural weight loss tips

8th Weight Loss Trick: Don’t buy more what you need

Do not go grocery shopping when you’re hungry because you’re going to buy many unnecessary things and you will feel necessity to eat them, as most of us hate throwing food.

9th Weight Loss Trick: sport.

My trick to slim star: get some exercise. People who are at their ideal weight tend to make exercise part of their plan.

It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming; 30 minutes daily of brisk walking will pay off.

If you can add two weekly sessions of resistance training (that helps you to burn more calories even while you are asleep) is going to be much better.

Weight Loss Trick 10th: treat yourself as you fulfill your objectives

Treat yourself for losing a kilo. The new clothing is often an incentive, or throwing money into a pig to achieve a goal that will make you very excited. These are the best natural weight loss tips; if you want to look gorgeous just prove them right now.


In the case you are progressing well and you have reached a healthy food plan, but you still have some part of your body which is resisting to burn the excess of fat you might consider giving liposuction a try. Before deciding, you should visit a website which informs you about all the risks and advantages of such a procedure, we recommend the site Liposuccion Madrid for these kind of resources.

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Food to lose weight at home easily

Food to lose weight at home; that is all what you need to improve your body; and being healthier.

We must accept something; we cannot being obsessed with losing weight or with knowing how many calories contains this food or to lose weight at home

But everybody knows that certain foods can help us to eliminate fat, whether by its satiating power or simply because they push the correct button to activate our metabolism.

And among the most common of these last foods that we must include in our diet are summer fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupe.

But it also highlights some other more distant Mediterranean food customs like hot peppers.

The best food to lose weight at home

Whole Grains

The body needs carbohydrates daily, which serve as an energy source.

But it is essential to know that it is preferable to choose the integral version of the cereals that we are in our day to burn fat: wheat, oats, rice, corn…

In all diets and dietary recommendations whole grains appear, because the body uses twice as much energy when digesting that refined cereals.

Furthermore, more of them contain essential nutrients such as vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6 and of course fiber.

And remember, products made with whole grains extend far beyond the bread and breakfast cereals: can eat whole wheat pasta, rice or whole grains to use our recipes.

Another interesting food to taste quietly by the level of fiber that contributes (10 grams per 100) and vitamin E it contains are popcorn, but only if we buy grain and prepare them at home.

Not so interested in microwave popcorn or made in theaters, because they have other added oils or fats.

Lean meat and fish

Proteins contained in lean meats stimulate the activation of your digestion and accelerate your metabolism with high intensity.

We recommend eating the meat containing less fat as chicken breast, turkey, rabbit, and pork.

It is important to remove the fat contained in meat, if you don’t do it the supply of lipids will be bigger.

Eggs, for its high protein content, perform the same function.

With fish it is the same and also has a plus: fatty acids contained in seafood as salmon or swordfish are really good with metabolism in particular and with the health in general.

Green Tea and coffee

The properties of green tea as an antioxidant are well known, but this stimulant has another partner with high antioxidant also: green coffee.

This version of regular coffee (coffee is simply not toasted) has recognized slimming and it is quite difficult to find it in the market; but you can find it in capsules.

As with green tea case, nutrition experts recommend to take only from 2 to 4 cups of tea or coffee per day to get enough antioxidants in a normal diet.


The amount that can hold a cup of lentils provides 35 percent of the iron needed each day.

Although, for beginning, the iron is not related to the fat; but, when this nutrient is missing, the metabolism slows down because the body needs it to function efficiently.

Chilies or hot peppers

Chili, cayenne or hot red peppers are an excellent supply of vitamin C (more antioxidants), but also contain other item not as well known by name but by the sweat that causes: capsaicin.

The active ingredient that gives the spice to these foods reduces body fat through a mechanism that encourages cell death of immature fat cells.


Fruits has the label of slimming mainly because they satisfy hunger and thirst due to its high water content, such as watermelon and cantaloupe, for example.

Both are low in calories, and contain many nutrients and vitamins C and D.

In addition to its antioxidant, citrus fruits have a low level of sugar the Grapefruit, among other citrus fruits, are potent antioxidants also have high levels of vitamin C and water in 90 percent.

Citrus fruits are great fat burner for this reason, but also have low blood sugar.

Other fruit slimming power are those with lots of pectin, which has purifying effect. Many fruits contain pectin, but the apple is the queen of all next to lemons, oranges, tangerines, cranberries, currants, grapes and quince, among others.


A spicy vegetable but also widely used in weight control diets. For those less accustomed to this food or reluctant you can begin to strain to sneak into the salad.

Food to lose weight at home and beyond

All of these food can help you to lose weight accelerating your metabolism. And the best is what you can find them near of you.

Remember that if you want to accelerate your metabolism more you must do some simple exercise like walking 15 minutes per day.

But if you really want to know the best food to lose weight at home you only have to know a word: water. Don’t forget to drink sufficient water all the day and you will see the results soon.


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Natural skin care tips at home: the best food for healthy skin

If you want to have gorgeous skin maybe you are looking for the most important natural skin care tips at home and that is what you are going to find here.

Keeping your skin in good condition not only depends of expensive skin treatments or hereditary factors, or maybe diseased skin disorders such as dermatitis or psoriasis. natural skin care tips at home

The god appearance of our skin is directly related to the care we give.

The health of the skin depends on the good health of our blood and to preserve it; it is necessary to keep a good health in different organs.

Skin signs are the evidence of what something really bad is happening in your inner.

In natural medicine the skin is considered the third lung, performed to eliminate all bad things resulted from our metabolism through the transpiration.

Natural skin care tips at home: the meal and the skin

The skin is renewed every 28 days and that permanent renewal requires a continuous supply of essential nutrients and an incomplete diet provokes changes in our appearance.

Therefore, a diet that ensures the right nutrient helps to keep our skin in perfect condition, to prevent or reduce wrinkles and to maintain its freshness.

Another good tip is to avoid the sun exposure without protection, you must try to avoid the over exposition to air conditioning, snuff, pollution too and; obviously, you have to avoid inconvenient life styles (poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, emotional stress …) either.

A diet and a balanced life style will be great allies to look healthy. The basics for skin care are high hydration and proper nutrition of fatty substances, vitamins and minerals.

And you have to know there are some foods to look awesome too; and what are these skin allies?

Natural skin care tips at home: The best foods to our exterior

Egg white mask: When dried on the skin absorbs all secretions, deep cleaning, especially those oily.

Egg yolk mask: Egg yolk is nourishing and softening, especially for those dry skin. It is rich in fat and phosphorus substances.

Tomato: The tomato’s shell is excellent to combat blackheads, and is very effective for bleaching stains caused by sun exposure.

Lemon: It’s a forward effective acne because it contains vitamin C. It is an excellent astringent and has tightening effect. You can take in juice or applied directly to pimples, blackheads and skin blemishes.

Cucumber: The cucumber slices soften skin and soothe fatigue.

Honey: Leaves skin soft and velvety. It has astringent and regenerative powers. The can be applied as a mask.

Oats: has great moisturizing properties and skin care-qualities. It is one of the main natural assets in skin hydration. It can also be used as mask.

Orange: Orange juice in a mask gives light and life to the skin.

The allies of the skin are at home

The fundamental skin, hydration is achieved through the direct consumption of water, and water we ingest in fruits and vegetables. Water also helps to eliminate toxins more easily.

Monounsaturated fatty acids (olive oil and avocados) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (oils, seeds, nuts and oily fish).

Vitamin A, which plays a key role in the renewal of the skin and mucous membranes. It is present in animal foods such as liver, milk fat (cheese and butter), egg yolk and milk complete.

Abundant in green leafy vegetables (broccoli, spinach …) and red coloration, orange or yellow (carrots, pumpkin …), and fruits such as mango, papaya, cherries, melon and peach.

Vitamin C has antioxidant and provides collagen production to keep skin smooth and unwrinkled. It’s in fruits and vegetables, paprika, tomato, lettuce, cabbage, kiwi, citrus fruits, melons, strawberries, blackberries and generally in all tropical fruits.

Vitamin E neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals, which increase with sunlight and which are the cause of so-called "age spots".

It is found mostly in wheat germ oil and sunflower seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, rice bran and wheat, and soybean oil.

Iron. Its deficiency is often the cause of the skin is pale by decreasing the hemoglobin. You can find it at: offal, meat, fish and eggs; brewer’s yeast, nuts and dried fruits, cereals, legumes and leafy greens.

And don’t forget other natural skin care tips at home like to sleep well, having relax and…sex; yes, since having sex increases your levels of pheromones; increases your levels of dopamine; helps to relax; and helps you to liberate tons of toxins you must try to having sex daily; well, try it, at least.

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8 special breast enhancement foods

If you want to increase your…sex appeal you need this: breast enhancement foods check them and prove beauty can be delicious too.

Enhance their breast is the wish of many women because the breast is not only a synonymous of beauty but also it is synonymous of fertility.breast enhancement foods

And, all men are naturally programmed to look for the most fertile woman; do you get it?

But women not always consider surgeries as an option; they want to maintain themselves as “natural” as is possible; or maybe because they feel fear to surgeries or simply because they want to try but they don’t want to change forever.

We know it, so we are going to show the eight foods that enhance your boobs; without a scalpel!

All those breast enhancement foods

Special gum: It seems a joke but a Japanese company makes a special gum that contains many Thai plant estrogens; those are female hormones that change the body of women soon.

Alfalfa sprouts: Many believe that alfalfa is only to feed horses and farm animals in general, but actually it is a food compared to soy.

Because of both of them are filled with all kinds of vitamins and hormones that help us to eliminate stress, and to increase your boobs.

So if you want to relax you can eat salad, with roast beef. Huh, and It is very good for breast enhancement too.

Soy: Soy is one of the healthiest foods in the world, in all presentations; in milk, in pills, natural, in soup etc.

It is one of the unique foods that have much phytoestrogens; they simulate female hormones.

Carrots: I know, it is really hard to believe but carrots in addition to being good for the eyes, are really good for breast growth even they stimulates the secretion of breast milk.

Pear: This fruit besides of being very good for digestion and to treat constipation and other stomach diseases, also contains many phytoestrogens; so it is perfect to grow up your breast naturally.

Asparagus: This food is considered one of the most aphrodisiac in the world as well as being a great “wake-up sexuality” is also very good for other medical conditions,  to clean the blood, to improve mental illness; and for giving muscle firmness; yes, including the breast.

Sunflower seed: The favorite food for hamsters and birds, and many people believe it is only for them, but it’s really good for women; also helps to the heart, the brain, the body’s natural defenses, they are really good prevent aging, and they help you to grow up your breast.

The Granada: The Granada is a very delicious fruit that helps us; for treating negative feelings like depression, stress; to treat medical conditions like diarrhea, fever, abdominal cramps, and due to its vitamins and phytoestrogens it helps you to improve your breast.

The breast enhancement foods are your friends

If you are woman, you are gorgeous and you want to be more probably you want to enhance your breast.

So you have to know what surgery is not the only option. Now you can improve your body using something as simple as a delicious food.

Include all these breast enhancement foods in your daily meal and you will see the results quickly; in your body and in your life too. Remember, men are naturally going to look for the most fertile woman. Always.

If you are looking for more ways to increase your breast size or you are thinking about surgery, we recommend you to visit this website to obtain information about all the pros and cons about it: Aumento Pecho Madrid


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Silnatur mitten, a natural alternative to conventional waxing

Today we are reviewing a manual hair removal system for women and men that removes hair painlessly together with dead cells, leaving a perfectly smooth skin.

silnatur-depilationThe removal is for many women still a painful and necessary process, even more when the good weather is approaching and begins to be more important for many men who wax regularly. Electrical, wax, blade, although effective, they are still cumbersome and can leave marks and cuts in some cases and affect the most sensitive skin. To get a more comfortable shave naturally we have found coming from the Spanish market a mitten Natural Hair Removal Silnatur, a manual removal kit for men and women, made from silicon and carbon microcrystals, which allows quick and easy and painless hair removal, exfoliates the skin and weakens the hair root and therefore its growth.

Nuria Colom, who is in charge of marketing via the web and in different fairs throughout Spain, explains how to use the mitten.

The first step is making sure that the skin is clean, dry and free of creams and the hair is short, then points out that in order “to penetrate the silicon surface pore shape and weaken the root, the movement has to be in a circular to the right (two or three times) and left (two or three turns), to catch all the hair well against the grain”. She adds “the massage should not be pressing, as we want that silicon penetrating inside the pore without damaging the skin. We must make room for the mineral from breaking off and penetrate the pore without forcing the hair connected to the root. So smooth it is a both ways massage. The heat from the friction on the skin of the microcrystals of silicon does the rest. All in a hair removal session that does not exceed 15 minutes and can be done comfortably at home. As a final touch, Nuria says, you should “apply to the shaved area a little moisturizer.”

Can you apply the kit to more sensitive areas?

“Of course, although we recommend a preliminary test on a small area of ​​the skin in that area.”

Does the hair grow again?

Núria explains that “as silicon penetrates into the pore and a tearing is painless root, a more irregular and deeper than a blade to apply heat to cut friction occurs. Thus we are weakening the growth of the next hair. If we are constant, there will come a time when the hair will stop growing.

The original kit consists of a box with a washcloth and 9-every spare parts can last up to three waxing if its use is correct – that is easily hooked on the depilatory glove, and will last longer if before waxing we cut a little hair as is clearly shown in the video for the web.

I also uploaded it to YouTube for you to see it below. The original kit price is 25 € and spare parts are sold separately.

The kit can be combined with their laser hair removal treatments for maximum efficiency and has a special discount for customers who have purchased the kit. For more information you can visit the article in their website: Consejos Depilación láser Madrid

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Weight loss meal plan free: 7 powerful breakfast

It is a fact; everybody needs a weight loss meal plan free because off nobody wants to lose weight eating lettuce and drinking water every day.weight loss meal plan free

If you want to begin a diet to lose weight effectively and healthy, you must take into account how important it is to have a good breakfast to lose weight.

This is considered the main meal of the day and it is essential to add foods that can make you feel more energized to start the day.

But all those foods must be delicious; because losing weight doesn´t have to be a torture.

Remember that in your breakfast to lose weight you must include foods with protein and carbohydrates.

You must get protein amino acids that are important for you to build muscle and carbohydrates to get energy.

So a radical breakfast is one that consists in a daily meal; a seasonal fruit and cereal, so if you want to lose weight, you must have a healthy diet and a radically complete breakfast.

Weight loss meal plan free: The daily breakfast menu

Breakfast menu # 1.

– A cup of skim milk.

– A glass of orange juice.

– Two slices of bread with light jam

– A piece of kiwi

Breakfast Menu # 2.

– A glass of light yogurt and unsweetened cereal.

– Two slices of pineapple and melon.

– A glass of carrot and apple smoothie.

– 12 almonds.

Breakfast menu # 3

– A cup of skim milk.

– A slice of bread.

– A teaspoon of fresh diet.

– A cup of salad of different fruits

Breakfast Menu # 4

– Three slices of pineapple.

– A handful of almonds or walnuts.

– A cup of light yogurt with whole grains.

– An infusion of red tea.

– A cup of grains and milk.

Breakfast Menu No. 5

– An infusion with skim milk.

– Two slices of ham.

– A slice of bread with light jam.

– A glass of pineapple juice.

Breakfast Menu # 6

– A cup of milk with coffee.

– An Apple.

-Three crackers with a slice of cheese light firm dough.

– A slice of bread.

Breakfast Menu # 7

– A scrambled egg.

– A light yogurt with a stick of whole grain.

– A grapefruit.

– A glass of coffee with milk

– Three crackers.

– An Apple.

The best weight loss meal plan free is here…

Also at your breakfast you should add foods rich in fiber and contain large amounts of nutrients.

It is important that you spend time for breakfast if you want to succeed in your weight loss, remember that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

People who doesn’t ignore any meal at the day; not only lose weight easily and being thin, but also they have the lowest cholesterol levels.

With sample menus from breakfast to lose weight you just know you can plan to eat for breakfast, remember that they have to be low in calories and should provide enough energy to do all your activities during the day.

Do not forget to have a breakfast and your body is going to thank you. And remember you can find in Lotus Heart a weight loss meal plan free for everyone.





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