Food to lose weight at home easily

Food to lose weight at home; that is all what you need to improve your body; and being healthier.

We must accept something; we cannot being obsessed with losing weight or with knowing how many calories contains this food or to lose weight at home

But everybody knows that certain foods can help us to eliminate fat, whether by its satiating power or simply because they push the correct button to activate our metabolism.

And among the most common of these last foods that we must include in our diet are summer fruits such as watermelon and cantaloupe.

But it also highlights some other more distant Mediterranean food customs like hot peppers.

The best food to lose weight at home

Whole Grains

The body needs carbohydrates daily, which serve as an energy source.

But it is essential to know that it is preferable to choose the integral version of the cereals that we are in our day to burn fat: wheat, oats, rice, corn…

In all diets and dietary recommendations whole grains appear, because the body uses twice as much energy when digesting that refined cereals.

Furthermore, more of them contain essential nutrients such as vitamin E, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6 and of course fiber.

And remember, products made with whole grains extend far beyond the bread and breakfast cereals: can eat whole wheat pasta, rice or whole grains to use our recipes.

Another interesting food to taste quietly by the level of fiber that contributes (10 grams per 100) and vitamin E it contains are popcorn, but only if we buy grain and prepare them at home.

Not so interested in microwave popcorn or made in theaters, because they have other added oils or fats.

Lean meat and fish

Proteins contained in lean meats stimulate the activation of your digestion and accelerate your metabolism with high intensity.

We recommend eating the meat containing less fat as chicken breast, turkey, rabbit, and pork.

It is important to remove the fat contained in meat, if you don’t do it the supply of lipids will be bigger.

Eggs, for its high protein content, perform the same function.

With fish it is the same and also has a plus: fatty acids contained in seafood as salmon or swordfish are really good with metabolism in particular and with the health in general.

Green Tea and coffee

The properties of green tea as an antioxidant are well known, but this stimulant has another partner with high antioxidant also: green coffee.

This version of regular coffee (coffee is simply not toasted) has recognized slimming and it is quite difficult to find it in the market; but you can find it in capsules.

As with green tea case, nutrition experts recommend to take only from 2 to 4 cups of tea or coffee per day to get enough antioxidants in a normal diet.


The amount that can hold a cup of lentils provides 35 percent of the iron needed each day.

Although, for beginning, the iron is not related to the fat; but, when this nutrient is missing, the metabolism slows down because the body needs it to function efficiently.

Chilies or hot peppers

Chili, cayenne or hot red peppers are an excellent supply of vitamin C (more antioxidants), but also contain other item not as well known by name but by the sweat that causes: capsaicin.

The active ingredient that gives the spice to these foods reduces body fat through a mechanism that encourages cell death of immature fat cells.


Fruits has the label of slimming mainly because they satisfy hunger and thirst due to its high water content, such as watermelon and cantaloupe, for example.

Both are low in calories, and contain many nutrients and vitamins C and D.

In addition to its antioxidant, citrus fruits have a low level of sugar the Grapefruit, among other citrus fruits, are potent antioxidants also have high levels of vitamin C and water in 90 percent.

Citrus fruits are great fat burner for this reason, but also have low blood sugar.

Other fruit slimming power are those with lots of pectin, which has purifying effect. Many fruits contain pectin, but the apple is the queen of all next to lemons, oranges, tangerines, cranberries, currants, grapes and quince, among others.


A spicy vegetable but also widely used in weight control diets. For those less accustomed to this food or reluctant you can begin to strain to sneak into the salad.

Food to lose weight at home and beyond

All of these food can help you to lose weight accelerating your metabolism. And the best is what you can find them near of you.

Remember that if you want to accelerate your metabolism more you must do some simple exercise like walking 15 minutes per day.

But if you really want to know the best food to lose weight at home you only have to know a word: water. Don’t forget to drink sufficient water all the day and you will see the results soon.


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