Silnatur mitten, a natural alternative to conventional waxing

Today we are reviewing a manual hair removal system for women and men that removes hair painlessly together with dead cells, leaving a perfectly smooth skin.

silnatur-depilationThe removal is for many women still a painful and necessary process, even more when the good weather is approaching and begins to be more important for many men who wax regularly. Electrical, wax, blade, although effective, they are still cumbersome and can leave marks and cuts in some cases and affect the most sensitive skin. To get a more comfortable shave naturally we have found coming from the Spanish market a mitten Natural Hair Removal Silnatur, a manual removal kit for men and women, made from silicon and carbon microcrystals, which allows quick and easy and painless hair removal, exfoliates the skin and weakens the hair root and therefore its growth.

Nuria Colom, who is in charge of marketing via the web and in different fairs throughout Spain, explains how to use the mitten.

The first step is making sure that the skin is clean, dry and free of creams and the hair is short, then points out that in order “to penetrate the silicon surface pore shape and weaken the root, the movement has to be in a circular to the right (two or three times) and left (two or three turns), to catch all the hair well against the grain”. She adds “the massage should not be pressing, as we want that silicon penetrating inside the pore without damaging the skin. We must make room for the mineral from breaking off and penetrate the pore without forcing the hair connected to the root. So smooth it is a both ways massage. The heat from the friction on the skin of the microcrystals of silicon does the rest. All in a hair removal session that does not exceed 15 minutes and can be done comfortably at home. As a final touch, Nuria says, you should “apply to the shaved area a little moisturizer.”

Can you apply the kit to more sensitive areas?

“Of course, although we recommend a preliminary test on a small area of ​​the skin in that area.”

Does the hair grow again?

Núria explains that “as silicon penetrates into the pore and a tearing is painless root, a more irregular and deeper than a blade to apply heat to cut friction occurs. Thus we are weakening the growth of the next hair. If we are constant, there will come a time when the hair will stop growing.

The original kit consists of a box with a washcloth and 9-every spare parts can last up to three waxing if its use is correct – that is easily hooked on the depilatory glove, and will last longer if before waxing we cut a little hair as is clearly shown in the video for the web.

I also uploaded it to YouTube for you to see it below. The original kit price is 25 € and spare parts are sold separately.

The kit can be combined with their laser hair removal treatments for maximum efficiency and has a special discount for customers who have purchased the kit. For more information you can visit the article in their website: Consejos Depilación láser Madrid

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