These best weight loss meal ideas are here

If you are trying to lose weight slow metabolism is going to be your enemy; always. So, the best weight meal ideas must help you to speed up your metabolism… and to have a big smile all day.

It is a fact: when people have a slow metabolism is going to gain weight easily.weight loss meal ideas

And, in the other hand, metabolism is who has the task of deciding how the body will use calories so if you have slow metabolism it is really important to know how to speed up your metabolism.

For this, you can use several natural tools that are very effective to improve your metabolism; such as having adequate rest, doing exercise often and also getting a healthier diet, eating meal that has the ability to accelerate the metabolism quickly and naturally.

Weight loss meal ideas to accelerate your metabolism

When your metabolism is slower, you are consuming less energy and this is the reason why you accumulate all those extra pounds and those lovely Michelin tires around your belt.

And, to achieve change all of this we must try to accelerate our metabolism naturally through some foods that have those properties; yeah, nature is smart and has the perfect solution for this sadly common problem.

Among these food to accelerate your metabolism are:


Due to its high content of capsaicin, it is the perfect meal to speed up our metabolism, and not only; capsaicin help us to improve consumption or calorie expenditure effectively to lose weight really quickly. Also eating peppers make you feel less hungry between meals. Nice!

Coffee and green tea

According to experts, the consumption of four cups of coffee or green tea during the day can considerably speed up your metabolism. And the reason is very simple: the consumption of these drinks provide enough antioxidants daily.


Artichokes have an ingredient called lnulina, this is a carbohydrate that is responsible for controlling the amount of ghrelin produced by the body.

Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for making you feel hungry or satisfied, and, if we feel hungry the body is going to burn more calories.


Due to the content of antioxidants and other important substances for the body, ginger has the ability to speed up the metabolism and provoke satiety, so that we do not have the urge to eat constantly.

This is very important when we want to reduce weight and keep it controlled.

These weight loss meal ideas are free

Nuts and fish

Nuts and fish are important sources of omega-3 acids, those mysterious acids help you to reduce levels of a hormone called leptin.

And it is really proved that when you have low levels of this hormone, metabolism increases its speed, and, for this reason your body burns more calories naturally; incredible; really?

Pears and apples

These fruits have the ability to help you to burn fat naturally, thereby maintaining a healthy weight.

Do not hesitate to make these delicious fruits an important part of your diet and include them in your daily menu; if you really want to watch your weight and, of course, your health.

With all these weight loss meal ideas to improve your metabolism and to improve your health it is really easy to do it.


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